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I’ve always been excited- and passionate- about storytelling and communicating messages. It’s critical for communicators to have a diverse and robust toolbox of skills and abilities to tell stories and communicate messages. That’s been my goal with each “hat” I’ve worn: communicator, photographer, graphic designer, journalist and public relations professional.

My background as an Eagle Scout and being involved in local, state and federal political campaigns has shown me how critical it is to use skills for the greater good. That’s why I’ve committed myself to working in roles that help others.

With that in mind, I’ve also been fortunate to be part of incredible teams who share that vision- within Subway restaurants, The White House, the Boy Scouts of America, the House of Representatives and more. There’s a level of pride in using your skills, and expanding them, all to help other people.


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What I Bring:


With more than 10 years as a journalist, copywriter and public relations professional, I’ve written in a variety of styles and take a data-driven approach to writing.


I’ve been working in the Adobe Creative Suite for more than 10 years and am highly skilled in Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Lightroom. I have a working knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro as well.


Growing up, I liked capturing images to help remember awesome memories. That evolved into capturing images to help others remember moments in time. This has led me to capture images at sporting events, galas and receptions, portraits, festivals and more.

Strategic Thinking

Leaning on years of experience as a communicator, storyteller and creative, I blend established and emerging techniques and channels to tell a comprehensive story.

Some of What I've Created:

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