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A little about me

I’ve always been excited- and passionate- about storytelling and communicating messages. It’s critical for communicators to have a diverse and robust toolbox of skills and abilities to tell stories and communicate messages. That’s been my goal with each “hat” I’ve worn: communicator, photographer, graphic designer, journalist and public relations professional.

My background as an Eagle Scout and being involved in local, state and federal political campaigns has shown me how critical it is to use ​my skills for the greater good. That’s why I’ve committed myself to work in roles that help others. I’ve been fortunate to be part of incredible teams that share a similar vision- within Subway restaurants, The White House, the Boy Scouts of America, the House of Representatives, and more. There’s a level of pride in using your skills, and expanding them, all to help other people.

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Some of the great teams I've been with:

Subway Choicemark


Public Relations Specialist

I told the brand’s story of entreprenurship, freshly-made meals, and community giving to media and consumers while protecting the brand during crises and incidents.


Connecticut Yankee Council, BSA

Vice President, Communications & Marketing

As the lead marketing and communications volunteer, I guide a team to communicate to thousands of families and the community at large.


Marymount University

Communications Coordinator

I was initially hired to support media research and develop media lists, but quickly became a utility player- pitching media, capturing photos, designing graphics- to support the University.


The White House

Media Affairs Intern

I suppported the regional and speciality spokespeople by developing media lists, clipping reports, and fielding dozens of inquiries daily. I also led a communications interest group arranging small group meetings with interns and Officials.

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