This August, nearly 15,000 members of the Boy Scouts national honor society, the Order of the Arrow gathered for the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference,or NOAC, at Michigan State University. This NOAC was special: it was the celebration of the Order’s 100th anniversary. This momentous occasion caused a wave of interest in attendance. But there were only so many attendees that could come. There were thousands more across the world who wanted to attend, but could not. To engage our members at home and extend the excitement of the 100th anniversary of cheerful service, NOAC TV was born.

To create the brand for NOAC TV, several considerations and elements were incorporated. The first, and most heavily, was the Conference brand. The theme “It Starts With Us” was developed by a group of key volunteers and was symbolized as a ripple of water. Each ripple extends forever and continues onward as it reaches the ocean. Each of our ripples ultimately unite to leave a legacy. The ripple pattern created for NOAC 2015 can be seen in multiple aspects of the NOAC Nightly News branding. All fonts used were the Conference approved Museo Sans and Museo Slab. Additionally, the main red, blue, off-white, off-black, and teal make up the Conference color palette.

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